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Kasey Reynolds is a local, downtown business owner with decades of involvement
within the Butte County community where she, her husband Mike, and their family call
home. Being fourth generation of the family business, Shubert’s Ice Cream & Candy,
naturally led Kasey to attending only local schooling and acquiring her unique life skills
as well as values of hard work from the beloved Chico community.
 Though she took over ownership with her brother Nathan just a decade ago, she has
been involved within the family business from an early age. Over the years Kasey has
been involved in and served on several boards, clubs, and service organizations. 
Currently the focus of her charitable time has been with the Omega Nu Sorority, which
largely focuses on causes benefiting women and children as well as providing
Scholarships to local High School Seniors continuing to college.
    Kasey and Mike have a large family of five kids, three grandchildren and two dogs.
Though most of her children are grown, she states that it is important to be active and
involved in our community because the decisions we make now influence not only our
own future but most importantly our kids’ futures.