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Suzanne Bragdon is a retired city manager, aspiring screenwriter, and proud Rotarian. For her, being a Rotarian is about the stories.

Consider impoverished students who turn the Rotary gift of a mentor, transportation, food, computer, and tuition/books to a two-year community college into a career in banking, the military or, after a few more years, graduation from U.C. Davis. Trajectories changed and futures never imagined.

Or when 22 Rotarians, family and friends serve 300 patients over four days on the opening day of a Rotary-funded Medical Clinic in Haiti; a clinic that’s still serving villagers after six years. Or a trip to Guatemala to experience the power of a multi-Rotary District effort to empower Mayan woman to break the cycle of poverty and domestic abuse.

After being a Rotarian since 2003, Suzanne has served in multiple positions including club president, assistant district governor and membership ambassador. Like others, she has grown from the Rotary experience in ways she never imagined.