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Dr. Scott Schumann - Bio Scott Schumann is the Director of Operations for Parks and Facilities at the Chico Area Recreation and Park District (CARD) . He holds a Doctorate in Recreation from the University of Utah and a Masters Degree from CSU Chico. Prior to coming to CARD, Scott spent several years overseas in Southeast Asia in various roles including Deputy Principal of one of the largest and fastest growing international schools in Singapore, Regional Head of Outdoor Education in Asia for the Cognita Schools Group, and Chief Program Officer (CPO) at The Jump Foundation, a global non-profit providing recreation experiences for international schools. He’s developed programs and facilities in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, and Nepal. He is a former University Professor, Outward Bound instructor, mountain guide, researcher, and author. While he has published widely in the field of Outdoor Education with particular focus on mechanisms of learning and risk management; Scott is relentlessly committed to providing opportunities for individuals to develop resilience, connection to nature, and a connection to their community through recreation. It’s the provision of recreational spaces and experiences that motivates him to the do the work at CARD. While serving at CARD since 2021, Scott has collaboratively implemented scores of park projects including the addition of 5 new parks into the CARD inventory (Husa Ranch, Hartley, Indigo, Emerson, and Rotary Centennial), Community Park pickleball expansion, improved basketball facilities, the new bocce court complex, 4 new playgrounds, and the 3M Chapman Park revitalization, in addition to functional improvements in facilities, utilities, and parks operational systems. When not in the parks you’ll catch him climbing, skiing, backpacking, and rafting with his partner, Dr. Joan Schumann who is the Principal at Wilson Elementary School in Gridley, and their two kids, Devi and Rowan.