Dina Zaphiris
Feb 12, 2019
In Situ Cancer/Community Service Award
Dina Zaphiris


Dina grew up in Chico, California, surrounded by dogs, horses, chickens
andmore. As an only child of older parents, animals became her best friends.
Her entire life is dedicated to the connection between humans and animals,
particularly where we have helped each other survive. Her primary interest is where animals, dogs in particular, help humans.

Seeing eye dogs, bomb-detection dogs, search and rescue dogs, and cancer detection dogs are my inspiration. Very few creatures have coevolved the way man and dog have. We have actually effected each other’s evolution. Dogs guarded our agriculture, livestock, and our communities, helping man to make it past the agricultural stage, and bringing us to where we are now. We, in turn, have allowed these wonderful dogs into our homes, forever changing their evolution, as well. The connection between man and dog is magnificent. We were meant to help each other. There’s nothing else quite like it.” —Dina Zaphiris