United States of America

Cindy Hopkins is a mother, teacher, photographer and world traveler. Her passion for travel started when she was granted an opportunity to be an Rotary exchange student to Peru in 1986. Cindy took what is now referred to as a GAP year and spent the academic year of 1986 - 1987 living and learning in Peru. She was able to travel and photograph much of the country. She lived with two families and stayed with others to travel to locations like Machu Picchu. Cindy’s experience in Peru fueled her passion for travel. She also loves to document her travels through her photography. She has traveled to 21 countries and islands and has lived internationally 2 additional times. Once in London, England and most recently in Bangkok, Thailand. She has passed her travel passion on to her daughter, Danika. Additionally - she has coordinated trips for students to various countries and all over the US. She loves sharing her travel bug with her students, family and friends. 

Cindy is honored to speak to this Rotary organization to share her experience and how it had a profound impact on her life and career. Being an exchange student is an awesome experience and Rotary made that happen. Without that opportunity, Cindy knows her life would have been very different. Thank you for this opportunity.