United States of America

Chiara Savage Schwartz and Lilah Parker are Caliifornia high school juniors and student ambassadors for Wonderbag, where they have been working since 2106 to bring the Wonderbag non-electric slow cookers to low-income communities around the world. Together, they visit classrooms and community centers both in California and South Africa to raise awareness and understanding of the challenges that face the most vulnerable and teach everyone how more efficient home cooking can be a recipe for change. Chiara and Lilah's efforts have helped thousands of women and girls recover the time to determine their educational and financial futures. They were honored with a Bay Area Jefferson Award from Multiplying Good in 2019 and the Marin Academy Juniors Grant in 2020. 

Lilah Parker and Chiara Savage Schwartz will present a new approach to both local and international women's and homeless impowerment. One Wonderbag, one family, one year, resilience.

On the international front, each wonderbag provides 70% less feul needed to cook, up to 1 ton carbon emissions mitigated, 60% less indoor pollution, up to 1,000 hours diverted, 1,000 liters of cooking water spared, and 5 large trees saved from deforestation.

What is this miracle bag? Lilah and Chiara will explain.