United States of America

Janice Walker was born into a pastor's home, where from an early age she was
surrounded by love, discipline, hard work, and lots of visiting missionaries. She heard stories of the tremendous need for medical care and saw photos of poverty that never left her heart and mind. Her love for God and others started at that point. She wanted tomake a difference in the lives of others and serve wherever God led her.
After marriage, she became a military wife, as her husband David served in the Army for 9 years. In 1979 they moved to Chico and it truly became home. Janice is a mother of 2, grandmother of 5 and a great-grandmother of 4. Her husband David was an ENT head and neck surgeon in both Chico and Yuba City for many years.
In 2004, after volunteering to help a floundering medical project, Chico Project SAVE, which stands for Salvage Al Valuable Equipment, was turned over to her. Starting out of a 10x30 unit, that hadn't been opened in a year, it has become a thriving non-profit sending millions of dollars of unused equipment and supplies each year overseas as well as providing a staggering amount of equipment to local people in need.
She loves God, loves America, loves Chico, and loves people everywhere.